On the One Hand and the Other, 2016
Performance and mixed media installation

On the One Hand and the Other, Camden Arts Centre, 2016. Photos: Hydar Dewachi
Still from video, work in progress

As a culmination of my residency at Camden Arts Centre, I opened my studio as a way of ‘working though’ the various audio-visual material that has manifested there in the duration. The piece consists of a series of looping gestures, set into motion with percussionist Mark Sanders, whose hands respond to a series of signals both voluntarily and involuntarily.  As loops are added one-by-one to the space in an evolving series of projected movements, ideas both clarify and obfuscate as objects and thoughts are incessantly repeated, becoming inevitably convoluted.

The work has since been performed as part of Supernormal Festival, August 2016.

performances, objects-and-installations